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Proceeds of the real estate funds

We can synthetically speak about the proceeds of a fund, distinguishing three various stages:
  • Proceeds of the found management: they are represented by the net profits of the patrimonial management turning out from the last approved Statement or the last Relation of management, written up and approved from the Board of directors, in the sense and for the effects of the Prescribed Provision of the Bank of Italy of the 24.12.1999;
  • Distributable proceeds: they are those calculated increasing results of management with the realized additional value;
  • Distributed proceeds: they are those effectively realizes and distributed to you until the due date of expiration of the fund with semiannual cadence or those that come beforehand liquidated; the distribution of the proceeds can happen also with the actions of approval of the next statements.
The dividends and the reimbursements of capital come distributed to the possessors of the quotas in the dates of "detach coupons" and of "payment" deliberated from the Board of directors of the Society of Management with the same provision of the approved semiannual or annual Statement; this comes published in an appropriate advice.
In the rare case in which the quotas are not deposited in a bank but you have withdrawn and possess them in shape of certificates, you have to collect the proceeds directly from the management society. In case that this does not happen timely, it is provided to warehouse in an appropriate fruitful account, considering that the relative right is subject to prescription in the terms of law.

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