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Beginning constitution and informative prospect

The phases through which it is delivered up, it is placed and quoted in the market a real estate closed fund are the following ones:
  • contribution: it comes constituted the Patrimony by conferring pieces of real estate, real rights on pieces of real estate, real estate participation, etc.;
  • evaluation: the Society of Management demands to independent Experts a Relation to estemate the value of the patrimony object of the Contribution and it acquires from a financial intermediary an appraisal with respect to the profit and to the financial compatibility of the conferred pieces of real estate;
  • placement: the conferred patrimony is underwrite from the investors, subdivided in quotas that come put on the market by means of a public offer;
  • quotation: the quotas can be exchanged on the MIV = "Telematic Market of Investment Vehicles" (ex. MTF = "Telematic Market of Bottoms") managed directly from the "Italian stock exchange corporation".
During the placement the management society must supply to the subjects interested in the participation by means of the beginning purchasing of the quotas, all the news that regards the fund, writing an "informative prospect" composed by:
  • - characterizations of the fund;
  • - subject interested and participation modality;
  • - composition of the patrimony;
  • - historical course of the patrimony, the value of the share and the costs of the fund;
  • - specific information on the investment, management and quotation of the fund;
  • - advantages, burdens, fiscal treatment and various information;
  • - adhesion module.
It is emphasized, in conclusion the fundamental right of the participants to being formally convened in Assembly in order to deliberate on important arguments previewed from the law and the enforced regulations.

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