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Economic indicators

Statistics to forecast the S&P 500 financial index: in this section you will find charts of the index compared to economic indicators and a derivative value that anticipates the trend. We have selected for you the best indicators that have the highest correlation with the S&P 500 index and if you want you can propose to add someone else to the website (use the demand link in the bottom of the page).
For each indicator you can also access for free to the automatic trading systems, that gives you the buy or sell signals based on the selected economic indicator.
The Calculated sector includes the indicators developed by us (such as the monthly GDP)

Select one of the following economic sector:

*Indicators are ordered from latest to oldest.

View the indicators updated the last week:

Last update Title of the indicator Update frequency Last value Change*
2021-04-16 US Housing Starts: Total: New Privately Owned Housing Units Started Monthly 1739 +318 (+44.90%)
2021-04-16 US New Private Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits Monthly 1766 +84 (+11.35%)
2021-04-16 US CBOE Volatility Index: VIX Daily 16.57 -0.42 (-1.48%)
2021-04-15 US 4-Week Moving Average of Initial Claims Weekly 683000 -40750 (-1.81%)
2021-04-15 Cumulative Open less previous Close SP500 index Daily 1831.8 +15.1 (+1.11%)
2021-04-15 US Advance Real Retail and Food Services Sales Monthly 233807 +20369 (+59.13%)
2021-04-15 US Industrial Production: Manufacturing (NAICS) Monthly 104.263 +2.2208 (+15.37%)
2021-04-15 US Industrial Production: Total Index Monthly 105.583 +0.9304 (+6.74%)
2021-04-15 US Capacity Utilization: Total Index Monthly 74.3914 +0.6345 (+7.02%)
2021-04-15 3 Months Exp. Average SP500 index Daily 3956.206 +7.716 (+0.46%)
2021-04-15 ICE BofA US High Yield Index Option-Adjusted Spread Daily 3.25 -0.07 (-1.75%)
2021-04-14 Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Credit Subindex Weekly -0.2202 -0.00874 (-1.19%)
2021-04-14 Chicago Fed Adjusted National Financial Conditions Index Weekly -0.59919 +0.0041 (+0.37%)
2021-04-14 Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Index Weekly -0.6747 -0.02246 (-4.21%)
2021-04-14 Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Risk Subindex Weekly -0.71156 -0.02391 (-4.76%)
*difference of current and previous value (% relative to 3 times its standard deviation). The color is green/red if the change is positive/negative for the S&P 500 index (if an indicator is negatively correlated with the index, its increase will be colored red).

US Data are provided by Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis Economic Research.

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