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What is a Trading system?

A Trading System is an automatic system of elaboration of the information regarding the financial instruments, that supplies the trading signals, that are indications on the purchase and sale orders to introduce in the market.
The system therefore is constituted of a software trading system that applies a consolidated methodology in systematic way. This scientific and disciplined approach to the opertivity is the key of a winner investment and allows to eliminate the inversor's emotional behavior, which is on the contrary the main cause of failure.
The implementation on the computer of a trading method concurs to simulate its behavior, applying it to the historical series of the interesting financial instruments, considering all the information available before the moments of calculation of the orders, and therefore to verify the result that would have been obtained.
In order to built a trading system of base level, there are available in commerce various graphic tools (such as Omega Research - TradeStation 2000 Equis - Metastock AmiBroker Traderlink - Visual Trader) equipped with scripting languages in order to personalize and optimize their operations, but if instead it is wanted to realize a complex system, it's necessary to use a programming language and to acquire platforms of data and news reception.
The informative feed that flows a trading system are:
  • the historical series on which it's possible to use the technical analysis and to calculate correlations, oscillating and several pointers;
  • the coming data from the telematic market (prices, volumes and book of the orders also in real time);
  • the sector index;
  • and mainly the pointers derived from the fundamental analyses and the sensitive price news.
These last one in particular, in our personal Trading System, derives from the mathematical modellation of the financial instruments, where the state variables are obtained from the balance analysis.
The first one instead come used in order to optimize the timing for long and short position with the investments.
At last the heart of the Trading System is constituted by the asset management, that is the diversification of the financial investments weighed based on the relationship between waited for yields and relative risk.
The Trading System by now has become the decisional system that guides the choices of: funds managers, investment firms and professial traders. In the site there are presented information and a service of supply of data elaborated over the real estate closed funds.

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