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What are the patrimonial managements

Every thrifty person, owner of funds or incomes susceptible to be invested, more over if of consisting amount, has the necessity to find a correct and personalized positioning of own financial availabilities, that is based on the own expectations of yield in relation to the inclination to the risk.
Logic and experience suggest that those operations come carried out methodologically and professionally from experts who use innovative financial techniques in order to place the funds and to manage the relative risk, evaluating the Value at Risk.
In such optical, in the modern finance they have been developed and technically affinate the so-called "Individual Patrimonial managements", by means of which a thrifty person confers to a qualified intermediary (banks, SGR, brokerage house, etc) one patrimony to manage in own interest, through operations of investment (generally in the mean or long period) in financial instruments and according to a contractual mandate that fixes the limits of operativity.
In this way the conferred patrimony comes managed independently by the management society.

The main objectives of the Patrimonial Managements are the following ones:
  • appraisal of the relationship yield/risk for every instrument financial in portfolio;
  • separate and personalized management of the asset;
  • diversification of every single portfolio.

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