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Trading tool: Fixed payments annuity

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Valuate an annuity: calcule the future value and the present value

The Financial annuity with fixed repayments is a succession of n constant amounts received regularly with an interval of t time (usually with an annual, semestral or monthly interval).
The valuation of an annuity can be done calculating the future value, equal to the sum of the future amounts of each single income or the present value of the annuity.

Insert the following 6 values:
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Fixed periodic payments (10.0)
yearly interest rate (0.02)
Present date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Number of periods per year
Number of all the payments
First payment date (dd/mm/yyyy)

The results are: 6

Interest rate per period between the payments
length of time in years of the annuity (10.0)
Final date (dd/mm/yyyy) of the last payment
Future value of the annuity in the final date
Years between the present and the future date
Present value of the annuity

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