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Info about the Real Estate Closed Funds

The real estate closed funds offer you the opportunity to invest in great real estate complexes (offices, trade centers, industrial, ...), characterized by good realized proceeds thanks to a professional management, at discounted prices also more then 40% regarding the NAV (Net Asset Value) certifyd by the appraisals of the independent experts.

Fundamentals data about the real estate closed funds, quoted in the MIV segment of the Italian Stocks Market, with the quote charts, are available selecting the name of the fund from the following table (beyond the one that are available directly in the internet sites of every society of capital management).
In the table on the right side there are also, for each fund, the links (doc.) to the page containing the last financial report. The management statements, after their approval of the board of directors, are first communicated to the Italian Stocks Market, which makes available them ready through communication systems for payment like Market Connect Feed and after some days, they are published over the internet. Also the price sentitive news communication follow the same procedure. Between the indicators about the real estate funds, there is the IFI (Real Estate Funds Index) with a daily updated graph and the BNLFI index, monthly published, which reports the overall graphical course of the quotes in the market, the course of the discount with the NAV, besides the capitalization data and the exchange volumes. Other pointers are available on the website of Norisk.
A semiannual relationship on the real estate industry, containing for every fund the asset allocation of the pieces of real estate in portfolio and other information, is supplied from Assogestioni.

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