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Types of Patrimonial Managements

The Patrimonial Managements can be classified in two distinguished types of:
  • Patrimonial Managements in Founds: the particularitity consists in the type of investment, because the broker or manager does not carry out buy and sell operations directly on the market, but buys common founds of investment and/or Sicav;
  • Movable Patrimonial Managements: the investments are managed by means of operations mostly and directly buying and selling on the market shares, bonds, etc.
Based on the characteristics of the used financial instruments, we can pick the technical-financial motivations that differentiate the two types of management:
  • the type 1) are inclined to guarantee, as a principle, the diversification in the relative investments also for patrimonies of modest amount; the manager completes operations of subscription of specialized securities funds on various markets and fields, rendering the diversification of portfolio possible for not elevated amount;
  • the type 2), instead, are in need of important initial investments, to guarantee a diversification of more wide capacity.
Approximately 60% of 2) it is constituted by patrimonies pertaining to institutional investors, supply collection from the pension fund or insurance agencies, demonstrating that the societies that manage such patrimonies can enjoy also the confidence of the private investor.

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