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Yields of the Trading System in Real Estate Funds

In the graph below there are visible the yields of the TSFI (Trading System in Real Estate Funds), confronted with those of the MIBTEL TR (total return, that is comprehensive of the dividends) and of the ETF Euromts Global L [EMG] (taken as reference in order to consider an investment diversified in European obligations, paying lowlands management commission).

The following results introduced come quarterly recalculated (read the bottom disclaimer). At the moment the historical data considered is from 01/01/2002 to the 30/09/2010 while it starts from the beginning of quotations (27/04/2004) for the EMG.

Charts of: Trading System, MIBTEL TR, EMG
Composed annual medium yield: TSFI=9.95%, FTSE-IT All Share (ex MIBTEL) TR=-0.47%, EMG=4.56%.

From the comparison of the diagrams the advantage of the TSFI appears clearly obvious, above all in terms of variance, as you can see in the risk analysis supplied by the calculation of the VAR.

In following histogram there are introduced the annual yields of the Trading System, Mibtel TR and EMG.

Annual yields of: Trading System, MIBTEL TR, EMG

Past results of our personal Trading System are an example of what it's possible to obtain with a scientific approach to investments.

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