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Contractual mandate of the patrimonial management

The contractual mandate is the legal relationship between a manager of the saving and an investor tending to settle and to make sure the activity of investment of a patrimony.
With such mandate they come, of norm, established the various lines of investment prechoices from the mandant, based on the indications of the manager or mandatory, according to the various yield/risk profile and based on the benchmark of reference defined from the agreed line of management.
They come, moreover, defined the contractual limits minimal and maximum of exposure to the risk that the manager must contractually respect in the choices of asset collocation.
Fundamental importance covers the informations detailed contained in the quarterly Statement, with which the mandatory supplies to the mandant a monitoring on the course and amount of the patrimony, detailing the single operations and, through the examination-analysis of the benchmark, the exact consistency of the yield in relative and absolute terms.

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